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Advantages of participation

Why should you participate in the exhibition?

Those who are not at the exhibition are not on the market: Marketing in favor of exhibitions
How to choose an exhibition
The importance of having independent audit data
How to calculate the effectiveness of your participation in the exhibition using elementary mathematical operations

Preparation for the exhibition

Stand design
Formation of exhibition staff
What can be done a month before the exhibition?

Conduction of exhibition

Work at the stand
Meeting regular customers
Work smartly at the stand
Organizing contacts
Untargeted customers
Time is the most precious thing

Work after the end of the exhibition

Visitors registration
How to work with potential clients
Efficiency assessment
Organizational and technical assessment of work

Why should you participate in the exhibition?

Due to the current economic situation, exhibitions are acquiring a very special status nowadays.
Exhibitions give us a clear understanding of the companies which remain in business and companies which left the market.
We also receive a good understanding of how to plan business strategy and tactics in the emerging realities.

Statistics confirm:

to cut a deal during the exhibition period is 40% lower in cost;
90% of companies' decision-makers consider exhibitions to be the best source of information for procurement;
during the exhibition, the demonstration of products effects six times more on sales than other means of promotion;
the visual effect of an exhibition sample can last up to 14 weeks.

Those who are not present at the exhibition are not present at the market: Marketing benefits of exhibitions.

In addition to arranging business connections, participation in the exhibition will help you to:

Establish yourself as a successful company.
Learn more about customers and their expectations.
Get immediate feedback about the product and the response about the enterprise.
Create and expand a database of contacts.
Study market competition, to assess the marketing potential of the enterprise.
Keep up with innovations and new technologies.
Maintain a presence at the market.
Identify potential agents and distributors.
Initiate the creation of alliances.
Search for new personnel.

Participation in the exhibition will give you the opportunity to:

Find new buyers/customers.
Increase customer loyalty.
Renew contacts with former buyers/customers.
Introduce new products or services to the market.
Demonstrate and promote the full range of products and services.
Speed ​​up the sales process.
Create your company's image and brand image.
Strengthen PRs.
Attract media interest.

How to choose an exhibition

The choice of an exhibition entirely depends on the marketing targets of your company. To define the purpose of participation in an exhibition, you should differentiate it according to the following criteria:
exhibition theme;
exhibition format (b2b, b2c);
experience and reputation of the exhibition organizer;
dates of the exhibition;
the venue of the exhibition, the infrastructure of the exhibition area;
exhibition advertising campaign;
the quantitative and qualitative composition of exhibition visitors;
the quantitative and qualitative composition of the exhibition participants;
exhibition area (net);
official support of the exhibition;
scientific and business program of the exhibition;
availability of an audit certificate of the statistical indicators of the exhibition event;
availability of signs of exhibition associations (UFI, etc.);
cost of participation;
last exhibition audit data.
Anyway, exhibitions should be considered as an essential element of your marketing policy. If your budget allows you to participate in only one specialized exhibition, the recommendations above will help you to make the right choice. If your exhibition activity is not limited to one event, you can achieve maximum results from exhibitions.

The importance of independent audit data

By providing an audit certificate of statistical data, we declare:


  • We are an honest market player. Collaborating with us, you understand what you are paying for.

  • Information about our exhibition has been verified according to the highest international standards. You are taking part in the exhibition of excellent quality!

  • It has been verified by an audit company operating under the control of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). Due to this, our exhibition will be included in international digests and mailings campaigns organized by UFI.  This fact will inevitably attract new foreign participants, which will bring even more specialists to our exhibition.  Work with us as we work - for you!

  • We spend money on an audit as we care about your benefits. Having received the most accurate data about the number of visitors, we can do everything possible to optimize human flows, to solve issues with food catering, wardrobes, travel, parking, etc.  Our exhibition will be as convenient as possible for you!


Calculation of the exhibition participation effectiveness

Compare participation in the exhibition with other alternative advertising opportunities by determining the cost of potential contact with one specialist:
Considering your expenses for participation in the exhibition and the number of specialists who visit the exhibition, you can easily calculate the cost of one potential exhibition contact.
Your booth size - 40 sq.  m.
Price per 1 sq. m. - $ 500.
The booth price will be $ 20,000.
Supposedly with other additional expenses, the participation cost will be nearly $ 25,000. During the exhibition, you meet 10,000 specialists.
The price of one potential contact with a specialist at this exhibition will be $ 2.5.

Preparation to the exhibition

  • Preparation for the exhibition should include:

  • participation goal;

  • advertising campaign;

  • plan of the exhibition stand;

  • conclusion of an agreement with the organizing committee, placing an order for equipment and services;

  • production of advertising materials: posters, booklets, brochures;

  • preparation of information materials: technical descriptions, price lists, folders for stand hostesses;

  • training of stand hostesses and staff;

  • budgeting of expenses.


Stand design

To form the most effective design of a stand, please remember about your purpose of participation in the exhibition:

  • if your task is to create an image of your company and conclude wholesale contracts, it is not necessary to show all product samples. It is more important to make a stand stylish and convenient for negotiations;

  • if you are planning to hold a fashion show, contests, presentations, it is necessary to provide a place at the stand for your guests not to crowd in the aisle;

  • if you are planning direct retail sales, it is especially important to think over the stand design for your visitors to feel comfortable, and your main task is to make them remember the name of your company;

  • all details in the stand design are significant. Disorder in the stand area can spoil even the most creative design. Nowadays, minimalism is the most relevant and popular solution in designing of stands: the minimum of decorative elements, elegant construction materials, high-quality lightning and a stylish true colour poster.

  • stand construction and its design are not only expensive but also a complicated task which should be perfectly performed and organised.


Handout materials

When forming a list of necessary handouts, keep in mind that you are going to meet with different types of exhibition visitors:

  • every visitor should have an opportunity to receive your commercial offer (or a shortlist of products with a price list) and a business card. Therefore, these types of handouts should be in abundance;

  • you should have a sufficient number of folders with selected materials and colourful booklets for V.I.P. visitors, journalists and potential partners you invited;

  • it is necessary to consider the methodology for processing the information about the exhibition results. And to provide stand hostesses with everything sufficient to collect information. After the exhibition ends, it is difficult to remember what you talked about with each visitor and what materials he/she requested. The so-called "visitor card" (a short questionnaire) can help you. It makes sense to prepare a sufficient number of such cards in advance.


How to form an exhibition staff

The choice of people to work at your stand is very important. These should be people who value both the company and its products. Knowledge of foreign languages is an additional plus.
If you have a large stand, it is better to divide your staff into two categories - sales and marketing and technical support specialists.  Each specialist has a role in the working process with potential clients and customers.  For example, research has shown that technical support specialists are most valuable in making urgent decisions about high technologies, and they also communicate better with visitors who also have a technical education. In case your budget allows you to keep only a few people at the stand, set up a telephone or computer line with the company's technical department to answer visitors' questions immediately.
Visitors remember the exhibits much better than drawings and literature.  Therefore, the appearance of the staff is extremely important, since they are an integral part of the company's image at the exhibition.
The most important thing is that people working at your stand are good team-players, they are well-informed about your products and services, and they are committed to helping visitors.

Staff training before the exhibition

  • Before each exhibition, it's always useful and necessary to hold a training seminar for all employees working at the stand.

  • Here are some topics:

  • Introduce members of your team to each other, including interpreters.

  • Check the stand, the arrangement of exhibiting materials and headings.

  • Discuss your marketing plan.

  • Remind the tasks to each team member.

  • Discuss the products that will be presented.

  • Discuss a "welcome word" to the visitors of your stand.

  • Provide a timetable for staff.

  • Explain how to fill in a customer's questionnaire.

  • Discuss methods of effective influence on potential customers with high purchasing power.


Tasks for staff

Set a personal goal for each team member to achieve during the work at the stand. Show them how to work effectively on your trade show and remind that they only have 5 seconds to make a good impression on the visitor.  After all, to correct a negative impression, you need at least 30 minutes. The better trained your staff, the more likely you are to succeed.

What can be done a month before the exhibition starts?

The optimal time to start preparing for participation in the exhibition is at least three months before its opening. If you start preparing in advance, you can choose the best location in the pavilion, carefully think about the stand design, handout materials and advertising campaign. Unfortunately, it is not always possible.
What do you need to do if it is only one month left before the exhibition starts?
Please contact the exhibition organizer to apply for participation and submit the information about your company which should be included in the exhibition catalogue.  
Pay special attention to stand design. It is almost impossible to design and manufacture an exclusive full-sized stand in a month, and most likely you will have to rent an equipped exhibition space (white walls, frieze, carpet).
In this case, you need to consider carefully a stand design to attract visitors' attention. The best solution is movable or portable constructions and bright full-colour posters.
Check if you have enough handout materials of different types. Try not to leave printing of handout materials to last minute. Printing houses charge extra for urgent work!
Book tickets and hotel in advance. Before booking tickets, do not forget to clarify the exact time of arrival at the exhibition pavilion and the time of stand dismantling.
Carefully prepare a list of small stuff you need at the exhibition (scissors, stapler, paper clips, fountain pens, extension cord, scotch tape, etc.).  Make up an optimal "stand set" and check its content.
Start your pre-exhibition advertising campaign urgently!

Conduction of exhibition

Conduction of the exhibition includes:
staff training;
scheduling staff work;
delivery and removal of equipment;
work at the stand;
organization of visitors registration.

How to work at the stand during the exhibition

You should organize your working process at the stand in such a way that none of the visitors waits for communication with you more than 20-30 seconds. Otherwise, he/she will go to a competitor stand trying to save time.
Statistics show that the majority of visitors (62%) are not ready to wait at the stand for even 1-2 minutes.
None of the visitors should feel that they are being ignored. Emphasized respect to your visitor is the best start of the contact.
The hostesses working at the stand should react immediately: contact a visitor, register him/her and further:
answer all possible questions;
find out the status of the visitor, his/her professional interests and wishes;
provide all the necessary materials (brochures, price lists, etc.);
direct to the manager.