XXI Congress of Beauty Industry Pro Beauty Expo
22-24 September 2021 • IEC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Сhange in the dates

Official announcement of 23.03.2021 on the change in the dates of the PRO Beauty Expo Congress!

We inform you that according to the decision taken by the Kyiv City State Administration, namely the protocol No. 20 from 18.03.2021 by the Comission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies, as to implementation of strict quarantine restrictions on the territory of the city of Kyiv from 20.03.2021 to 09.04.2021 inclusive, the events planned for March 2021 are impossible to be held on the dates announced before.

With this letter we inform you that:

  • The Congress of Beauty Industry Pro Beauty Expo will take place on 22 – 24 September 2021, alongside with the international exhibition InterCHARM.
Within the last 5 days Premier Expo team  together with the administration of the International Exhibition Center negotiated about rescheduling of the Congress of Beauty Industry Pro Beauty Expo to April, taking into account the calendar of the exhibitions by other organizers at the venue which was approved before.

Unfortunately, there are no available dates and pavilions to accommodate the exhibition in the scale necessary for its high-quality holding.

Our team is actively working on preparation of a grand event of the year in beauty industry InterCHARM Ukraine and a Congress of Beauty Industry Pro Beauty Expo.

For the second time these major events will take place at the same time on 22 – 24 September in the International Exhibition Center. An incredible event with stellar participants and a rich curriculum is waiting for all the visitors.
Best regards,

Premier Expo